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Introduction to Stone Care Products

DK Holdings Limited has worked very closely with a leading European manufacturer of glues, waxes and natural stone treatments to produce our own range of the highest quality performing stone care products for maintenance and restoration of granite, marble, slate, natural stone, treated terracotta, terrazzo tiles, porcelain stoneware and ceramics.

All of these products are proven quality to give the best performance and long life in each product group.

glueDK Super Stone Glue and Polyester Resin Hardener
Polyester resin adhesive and hardener. More
cleanerDK Super Cleaner (PH Neutral)
Concentrated PH Neutral detergent. More
enhancerDK Colour Enhancer
Super Colour Enhancer for restoration of polished and coloured granite and marble. Oil or water Colour Enhancer which can be used inside and outside. More
surface barrierDK Stop Stains
Solvent or water based substance forming surface barrier against soiling. More
waxDK Liquid Wax and Waxed Paste
Special polishing waxes for granite, marble, marble agglomerates and natural stones. More
bufferDK Lambswool Buffing Pad
QRS backed, 125mm diameter buffing pad. More