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How to make repairs to granite, marble and composite stone with Repairlux

How to make repairs to granite, marble and composite stone using the latest technology

Cost saving professional repairs to damaged surfaces can be made by following the simple steps and an easy to follow step-by-step instruction DVD is supplied with the Repairlux Kit.

Easy steps to .....
The substrate has to be dry and at room temperature, If necessary, preheat. Clean area to be repaired with the Cleaner and allow to dry for approx. 30 seconds. Apply Liquid Transparent to the area to be treated. Put on the Plastic Film and press on slightly. Do not press into the damage! Put the PowerLight on to the damage and harden the material approx. 30 seconds per cm², The PowerLight switches off automatically after 30 seconds.
Make short and quick movements with the Planer to strip off excess material. With marble we recommend to use the Cuttlebone. Now use the Micro Sanding Paper 2400/3200/4000 with water (avoid development of creases when stretching sanding paper over the Felt Pad) to ensure the area is perfectly level. Apply Polishing Paste and polish with the felt side of the Felt Pad. Alternatively it can be worked mechanically with a felt wheel.
    ..... near to perfect repairs

When the lamp is put on, due to the lamp shade the light has exactly the correct distance to the damage (approx. 8 mm). You can also take off the shade while working on an area difficult to access. However, in this case ensure the distance is 8 mm to allow the material to cure properly. If during levelling the filling comes out simply repeat the same process.

By means of newly developed mica fillers in gold and silver shades, repairs to reflective surfaces such as Star Galaxy or composite stones can be achieved. Use selective mica effects during the filling process, fill up with Transparent Liquid and finally cure with the LED light. The mica contains specially reflective mineral materials, making gloss and glimmer effects possible.
Repairlux repair
With ready mixed solutions there is always the problem of obtaining the correct shade and surface structure of the composite stone. Now with Repairlux Granulates especially matched to the colour of the surface, imitation of the desired effect can be achieved. Any coloured granulate can be manufactured according to a surface sample thus avoiding troublesome mixing.