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Repairlux Repair Kits &
Replacement Components

The new generation of natural stone repair—
The flexibility of the Repairlux stone repair kit is ideal for the market as it is available in a complete kit form with components individually available. Kits can be used for repairs on granite, marble and composite stone. All fillers are self priming and therefore a pyrosil burner is not required. An easy to follow step-by-step demo/training DVD is also included in the kits.
Repair Kit Complete Comprises
1 x Transparent Liquid, 1 x Transparent Base, Fillers x 1 each Black, White, Marble, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red and Beige, 6 x Granulates (various), Mica x 1 each Silver and Gold, 15 x Spare Cannular, 1 x Metal Applicator, 1 x Cuttlebone, 1 x Plastic Film (10 pcs), 1 x Metal Planer, 1 x Black Touch-up Pen, 1 x Polishing Block, 1 x Cotton Cloth, 1 x Polishing Paste, 1 x Mixing Cup, 1 Cleaning Solution, 3 x Micro Sanding Paper, 1 x Brass Brush, 1 x Power Light, 1 x Diamond Drill Bit Set (20 pcs) and 1 x Training DVD.

Repairlux Professional Kits
*BMPKR3003 Professional Kit Complete
*BMPKR3200 Mini Repair Kit
Repairlux Basic

Replacement Components
*BMPKR3004 Transparent Liquid 3ml
*BMPKR3005 Transparrent Base 3ml
*BMPKR3013 Filler Black 3ml
*BMPKR3006 Filler White 3ml
*BMPKR3007 Filler Marble 3ml
*BMPKR3008 Filler Green 3ml
*BMPKR3009 Filler Yellow 3ml
*BMPKR3010 Filler Blue 3ml
*BMPKR3011 Filler Red 3ml
*BMPKR3012 Filler Beige 3ml
*BMPKR3020 Granulate Transparent Fine 5g
*BMPKR3021 Granulate Black Fine 5g
*BMPKR3022 Granulate White Fine 5g
*BMPKR3023 Granulate Transparent Coarse 5g
*BMPKR3024 Granulate Black Coarse 5g
*BMPKR3025 Granulate White Coarse 5g
*BMPKR3014 Mica Silver Particles 3ml
*BMPKR3015 Mica Gold Particles 3ml
*BMPKR3030 Spare Cannular 10 pcs
*BMPKR3031 Metal Applicator
*BMPKR3032 Cuttlebone
*BMPKR162 Plastic Film 10 pcs
*BMPKR6300 Metal Planer
*BMPKR3036 Touch-up Pen Black
*BMPKR3037 Polishing Block
*BMPKR2210 Cotton Cloth 10 pcs
*BMPKR3039 Polishing Paste 150 ml
*BMPKR3040 Mixing Cup
*BMPKR3041 Cleaning Solution 150 ml
*BMPKR403 Micro Sanding Paper - pack of 3
1 x 2,400 x 12 x 15 cm
1 x 3,200 x 12 x 15 cm
1 x 4,000 x 12 x 15 cm
*BMPKR407 Brass Brush
*BMPKR3049 Diamond Drill Bit Set - 20 pcs
*BMPKR3069 Fast Cure Mini Light
Silverline Electric Die Grinding Kit
*BEMSSR100 Silverline 730v Machine & Accessories

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