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Starrett Adaptors

A range of arbors and adaptors are available for hand machine, cnc and semi automatic machines to fit our electroplated and metal bond Starret fitting core drills and holesaws. Ideal for cutting apertures in material such as marble, granite, slate, concrete, engineered stone, sandstone, limestone and natural stones under 30mm thick as standard.

Adaptors for Starrett fitting core drills
*MMP009 A1 to A2 Adaptor
*MSA0A1 A1 Arbor
*MSA0A2 A2 Arbor
*MMP197 Continental to A2
*MSAXA914C 6.5mm Pilot Drill

Core drills under 20mm diameter need to be mounted on a MMP009 adaptor if using a water chuck. Core drills furnished without arbors unless specified.