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Electroplated Diamond Fluting Wheels

For GRANITE, STONE, CRYSTAL STONE, DEKTON and NEOLITH. Rapid grinding of decorative flutes on the face of fireplaces, draining boards and columns. Electroplate Diamond Fluting Wheels are available in other grades and sizes in both gulleted 60% and continuous rim 100% coating.

Providing the wheel is in good condition a strip and replate service is available.

For GRANITE and MARBLE 60/85S grade - 100% coating
*EMW0431E 100mm x 10mm x 22.2mm bore
*EMW0432E 100mm x 12.7mm x 22.2mm bore
*EMW0433E 100mm x 16mm x 22.2mm bore
*EMW0434E 100mm x 20mm x 22.2mm bore
*EMW255Y 250mm x 12.7mm x 60mm bore
*EMW305Y 300mm x 12.7mm x 60mm bore
*EMW405Y 400mm x 12.7mm x 60mm bore

For resin fluting wheels.
Flute Grinding Wheels

recycle - replate

*Denotes ex-stock.
Please state part number when ordering.