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Introduction to Stone Drilling

A wide selection of drills are available for both site and factory use when cutting holes in granite, marble, other natural stones abd engineered stone. Water chucks are available for heavy duty, medium or light use as well as a range of adaptors.

For CNC machine stone drilling. More

bluesabrCore Drills
Starrett Fitting More
samuraiCore Drills
M14 Fitting More
wdpsandsDiagrit Water Chucks
Type A More
wdpsandsDiagrit Water Chucks
Type B More
wdpsandsDiagrit Baby Water Chucks
Suitable for hand held pistol drills. More
blackturKwik Cut
CNC Granite Drills More
multicutMulti-Cut Core Drills
Heavy Duty Metal Bond Segmented and Crowned More
electrocutSolid Granite Drills
For fixing hole and blind holes. More
electrocutSolid Granite Drills Adaptors
To suit any water chuck fitting. More
silvertuStarrett Adaptors
Used with Starrett fitting core drills. More
vb core drillsVacuum Brazed Core Drills
M14 fitting easily converted to continental. More