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Introduction to Stone Cutting

Our large range of diamond saw blades has been carefully selected to give you the best cut at the most economical price. Sizes available are from 100mm to 600mm and the most popular sizes are normally held in stock for immediate supply.

For CNC machine stone cutting diamond blades. More
arix blueArix Blue Sabre
Premium Metal Bond Segmented Blades for GRANITE and ENGINEERED STONE - wet/dry More
Continuous Rim and Gulleted Electroplated for MARBLE and SLATE More
blackkniBlack Knight
Silent Centre Gulleted Blade for GRANITE and other HARD STONES - dry/wet More
blackturBlack Turbo
MB Continuous Rim Blade for GRANITE - dry/wet More
clearcutClear Cut
Premium Silent Centre Blades for GRANITE, MARBLE and SLATE - wet More
arixDK Arix & Arix Black
Silent centre blades for GRANITE and ENGINEERED STONE - wet More
dekton_mb_bladeDN Metal Bond Blades for Dekton/Neolith Type Materials
Metal Bond Blades for cutting new generation materials - wet More
Continuous Rim Blades for Marble and Slate - wet/dry More
Cutting and grinding blade for GRANITE and SLATE More
horizontal bladeMetal Bond Horizontal Blade
Specially developed for horizontal cutting GRANITE, MARBLE and ENGINEERED STONE - wet More
Power Blades for different materials on low powered machines - wet More
Vanity Blades for MARBLE with or without M14 flange - dry/wet More
Gulleted Blade for GRANITE, STONE and ENGINEERED STONE - dry/wet More
porcelaine bladeTile Blades
Continuous rim metal bond with minimal chipping for PORCELAINE - dry/wet More