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30° SD Diamond Grinding and Polishing System

Sunken drainer diamond tool system for semi automatic and CNC machines to grind and polish recessed draining boards in granite kitchen tops. The 30° diamond grinding and polishing SD System is now available after careful research and development by DK Holdings to offer a simple and effective system that quickly produces an excellent quality finish on granite. The eight stage system, specifically designed to be used on semi automatic and CNC machines, produces superb results that most competitive systems are unable to achieve
More information and technical data is available on the SD Diamond Grinding and Polishing System page.

30° SD System
1 Metal Bond Coarse BMW170 BMW170 BMW170
2 Electroplated 30 EMWD301 EMWD301 EMWD301T
3 Electroplated 120 EMWD302 EMWD302 EMWD302T
4 Red Resin 200 RFDD303 RFDD303S RFDD303T
5 Yellow Resin 400 RFDD304 RFDD304S RFDD304T
6 White Resin 1000 RFDD305 RFDD305S RFDD305T
7 Blue Resin 2000 RFDD306 RFDD306S RFDD306T
8 Orange Resin 10000 RFDD307 RFDD307S RFDD307T
Complete Set - Metal Bond to Orange Resin SMPD30 SMPD30S SMPD30T

NOTE: COMPLETE SET Metal Bond to Orange Resin, EMPD3001 30° Dressing Bar and Carrying Case is also available.