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Water Chuck - Type A

DK Water Chucks allow diamond drills, tapered reamers and countersinks to work at their optimum performance by providing a constant coolant pressure to the centre of the diamond tool. The chucks fit directly and securely onto the machine spindle. Just remove the machine three jaw chuck where applicable (sometimes referred to as a Jacobs chuck or drill chuck) and fit the DK Water Chuck in its place.

MMP004C to fit Continental shank
The type 'A' chuck clamps directly onto the quill of the drilling machine.

When ordering please specify:
  • The diameter of the machine quill.
  • The machine spindle fitting. For example this could be a morse taper (size 1, 2, or 3 etc.) as illustrated or other standard fitting.
  • The diamond tool fitting (Continental for example).

This water chuck cannot be supplied with a parallel diamond tool fitting.

Water Chuck A

Please state part number when ordering.