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An introduction to the Glass Industry

Glass and Ceramics needs to be cut, drilled, shaped, edged and polished. Because they are particularly hard and brittle materials the requirement for diamonds is essential in producing the correct quality and cost effective working tools.

DK Holdings was the first Company in the World to introduce a Flexible Diamond Cloth into the market and is now the leading manufacturer and supplier of Electroflex and Electroplus diamond Belts, Discs, Pads, Sheets and Drums for grinding and polishing glass and ceramics.

For drilling and reaming; Electroformed Diamond Drills, Countersinks, Reamers, Band Saws and Resin Bond Wheels and Saws are also produced and supplied worldwide.

Electroflex™ and Electroplus diamond belts for fast, clean arrissing the edges of glass. More
Cuts glass tubes, Silica, Quartz and other scientific glassware. More
Electroformed Diamond Drills for very fast cut leaving a good clean hole with minimum chipping. More
Electroflex and Electroplus Diamond Drums for working inside vanity bowls and curved shapes. More
Diamond Discs to remove sharp and chipped edges on glass and ceramics. More
Flexible Discs - Introduction | D-Loc Discs | Dia-Gem Flexible Resin Discs | Dia-Sol Discs | Diamond Electroflex GPS Polishing Discs | M14 Backing Discs | Magnetic Backing Disc | Puma Flexible Resin Discs | QRS Backing Discs | S/A Backing Discs | Snail-Lock Backing Discs | Unbacked Discs
Hand MachinesHand Machines
Pneumatic and Electric hand held Machines for Diamond Discs and Drums. More
Various types of Diamond Pads for hand and machine use. More
Pads - Introduction | Cushioned Hand Pads | Flat Hand Pads | Glassflex Hand Pads | Pads
Electroflex and Electroplus Flexible Diamond Sheets with a range of backing available. More
Flexible Diamond Sheets
Metal Bond Surface Planer for milling, block squaring and slotting. Resin Bonded Diamond Wheels for arrissing and face grinding. More
Wheels - Introduction | Metal Bond Surface Planer | Resin Wheels
A range of accessories to work with the diamond tools shown. More
Accessories - Introduction | Backup Pads | D-Loc Mandrels | Diamond Sharp Block | Expanding Rubber Mandrel | Handfiles | M14 Adaptors for Discs & Drums | Oil Mist Lubricator | Expanding Rubber Drums | Rubber Drum Adaptor | Water Chucks - Type A | Water Chucks - Type B