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Grinding and Polishing Discs

The Electroflex and Electroplus flexible discs and also the resin discs are suitable for wet grinding and polishing glass although sometimes in some cases can be used dry. All sizes available, with various fittings for hand and stationary machines.

Electroflex -
Metal Grades up to 600mm diameter without join (except 60 grit)

Electroplus -
Metal Grades up to 300mm diameter without join

Backings -
QRS (Velcro ™ ), Self-Adhesive (S/A), Unbacked (Canvas), Magnetic, M14, D-Loc, Snail-Lock and Plastazote (Foam Rubber)

Metal Grades - 60-400 grit

Recommended sequence for:
Glass - Green (M), Black (M), Red (M) & Yellow (M)

NOTE: Dry discs available on request.

dlocdiscD-Loc Discs
Discs with quick release system for grinding, polishing and deburring. Available diameters 25, 50 and 75mm. More
dia-gemDia-Gem Discs
Colour coded by QRS backing in diameters 80mm and 100mm. More
dia-solDia-Sol Discs
A premium range of solid discs have been designed to be used wet and are made for fast grinding, arrising and semi-polishing the edges of glass. More
diamond resin Electroflex GPS glass polishing discsElectroflex GPS Diamond Resin Discs
Seven grades of special diamond bonds are provided in 100mm, 50mm and 25mm diameter discs for fast and very effect high gloss finish. More
magndiscMagnetic Backing Discs
Quick release magnetic flat lapping discs for grinding and polishing. More
m14discM14 Backing Discs
A range of discs for grinding and polishing with M14 fixing for hand held machines. More
pumaPuma Flexible Resin Discs
A good performing 100mm diameter flexible diamond resin disc available at a very competitive price. More
qrsdiscQRS Backing Discs
Discs with quick release (Velcro ™ type) fixing for grinding and polishing. More
selfdiscS/A Backing Discs
Self adhesive flat lapping discs for grinding and polishing. More
m14discSnail-Lock Backing Discs
Discs for grinding and polishing which use the quick release twist method of fixing. More
unbadiscUnbacked Discs
Unbacked (canvas) flat lapping discs for grinding and polishing. More