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Electroflex Diamond Hand Pads

These flexible diamond Electroflex hand pads are ideal for hand polishing and finishing those hard to reach machine restricted floor areas. The diamond hand pads are colour coded for easy grade identification starting with green, followed by black, red, yellow and finished with white and blue.

90 mm x 55 mm
N 60 *BEPN202
N 120 *BEPN212
N 200 *BEPN217
N 400 *BEPN222
R 800 *BEPN227
R 1800 *BEPN231
Complete set 60-1800 *BEPN20231
Electroflex Hand Pads

Note: Electroflex (N) denotes nickel and (R) denotes resin grades.
*Denotes ex-stock.
Please state part number when ordering.