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Electroflex & Electroplus Flexible Diamond Tools Introduction

D.K. 's flexible material has been developed by our engineers to combine the long life and aggressive cutting action of diamonds with a cloth backing material which has strength and flexibility. This enables diamond tools of various shapes to quickly and economically grind and polish a wide range of hard material such as natural and synthetic stones, glass, ceramics, composites and hard metals.

Electroplus is an alternative to the Electroflex pattern and works particularly well when used as discs and belts for rapid stock removal applications.
flexgradesElectroflex and Electroplus Grade Identification
A chart illustrating the most popular grades for Electroflex and Electroplus flexible diamond material. More
A complete range of accessories to suit our tooling includes expanding rubber drums, rubber drum adaptors, D-loc mandrels and various back up pads. More
diamondsharpblocksDiamond Sharp Block
For sharpening chisels and knives they come complete or with replacement strips in various grades. More
flexdiabeltsFlexible Diamond Belts
Supplied in various lengths and widths to suit rubber drums, cross belts or robotic machines. More
flexdiadiscsFlexible Diamond Discs
Suitable for wet grinding and polishing all hard materials. They are available with a complete range of backings including QRS, self adhesive, magnetic, M14, snail lock or unbacked. More
Flexible Material Introduction
handpadsFlexible Diamond Hand Pads
Available in various sizes for both flat or profiled polishing of natural and synthetic stones, glass, ceramics and hard metals. More
sheetdiscFlexible Sheets
This material is available in sheets of various sizes and backings to accommodate applications such as polishing natural synthetic stones, ceramics, glass or hard metals. More
handfileHand Files
A general purpose file available with four different profiles in four diamond grades. More
Supplied in various shapes to suit hand machines for grinding and polishing natural and synthetic stones, glass and ceramics. More
Drums and equipment for grinding, shaping and polishing applications. More