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Diamond/CBN Wheel Preparation

Wheel mounting
As with any grinding wheel it is very important that diamond or C.B.N. wheels are mounted true with the aid of a clock dial indicator.

Trueing & dressing
It is essential with diamond and C.B.N. wheels, that they are trued on the machine and properly dressed to expose the abrasive particles. Diamond and C.B.N. wheels should be trued with a brake trueing device followed by dressing diamond wheels with a wet grade 100 grit aluminium oxide stick and C.B.N. wheels aggressively dress with a wet 220 grit aluminium oxide stick.

brakedresserBrake Dresser
Trueing device for diamond and CBN resin bonded wheels. More
oxistickAluminium Oxide Dressing Sticks
For dressing diamond and CBN resin bonded wheels. More