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Resin Bonded Diamond & C.B.N. Wheels


A wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes is available for toolroom and production use, these resin bond diamond/CBN grinding wheels can be manufactured to suit specific grinding applications on a variety of materials.

D.K. Resin Bonded Diamond Wheels
There are many uses for resin bonded diamond grinding wheels, the main one being grinding Tungsten Carbide Tools and Ceramics. As well as grinding carbide and ceramics a range of diamond bonds is available to suit different applications, including grinding glass, ferrites and other non-ferrous hard materials.

D.K. Resin Bonded C.B.N. Wheels
D.K. C.B.N. resin bonded grinding wheels can be specially developed, designed and manufactured for the efficient grinding of hardened steels, super alloys, etc.

Wheel performance and the cost effectiveness of the grinding operation is determined to a large extent by the correct choice and the careful manufacture of the bond, as well as by the quality and size of the diamond/C.B.N. grit.
The bond should give perfect diamond/C.B.N. grit retention to ensure maximum utilisation and suitable wear characteristics to expose fresh diamond/C.B.N. tips.

We have specialised bonds such as Phenolics, Polyimide, Metoid etc.

Please refer to our Technical Dept. to advise you on the best wheel specifications for your applications. The variations are: Grit type (Diamond or C.B.N.), Grit size (see the tables), Concentration grit per unit volume, Body material and Bond type. The body of each wheel is usually available in choices of Aluminium, Resinal or Bakelite.

When placing orders it would be helpful to give the following information:

1. Wheel shape and description. (See standard wheel shapes)
2. Wheel size.
3. Type of Superabrasive, Diamond or C.B.N.
4. Grit size.
5. Concentration.
6. Application.