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Multi-point Dressing
Diamond Tool

The dressing load is divided on a number of natural diamond particles which are set in a strong matrix. These tools do not require re-setting. Various designs are available. Special custom tools can be made on request.

Multi-point Dressing Point
BMPHL Multi-point Diamond Dressers
Diamond Quality
KE (Economy) A very economic robust quality of irregular shape with usually 1 or 2 points.
KC (General use) Standard quality, with an irregular shape with 3 working points.
KB (General industrial) A higher quality diamond for general use with four working points.
KA (Quality industrial) A general toolroom quality, with a good shape with five working points.
KAA (Super quality toolroom) A good toolroom quality, with six working points, good shape with no inclusions or cracks.

Please state part number when ordering. When ordering any of these items please advise us of the bore size ('H') you require. All measurements in tables are in mm.