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Diamond and CBN
tools for engineering

With many years experience in producing and marketing Superabrasive diamond and CBN products including Electroplated, Resin Bonded, Polycrystalline, Ceramic, Diamond Dressing Tools and Flexible material, we have developed a unique expertise in manufacturing and supplying these tools especially for all Engineering, Woodworking and Saw Sharpening industries.


Diamond is pure carbon in a cubic crystal structure. It is the hardest of all known materials. Many applications benefit by the use of diamond in industry for grinding, turning, sawing, lapping, polishing, wear resistance etc., because it enables faster operation, extended life of tool and allows very accurate tolerances of shape and size.

Used in industry it is either Natural diamond, extracted from the ground, crushed and shaped to suit a particular requirement, or is Synthetic man-made diamond specially for a particular application.

Diamond is made and graded according to its size, shape and friability.

Diamond is used for cutting or grinding hard brittle and abrasive materials, but is not suitable for grinding steels. This is because iron has an affinity for carbon (which is what Diamond is) at a high temperature.

Cubic Boron Nitride (C.B.N.) is man made like synthetic diamond, and is a chemical bond of the elements boron and nitrogen with a cubic lattice structure, made in a high temperature/ pressure process. It is available in different grades and sizes and is particularly designed for grinding hardened steels.

ceramicCeramic Products
Ceramic Bonded Internal Grinders are available with Diamond or C.B.N. for fast cutting and long life. More
eletroplatedElectroplated Products
A wide range of products available in both C.B.N. and diamond for applications requiring high cutting ability and grinding performance for simple and complex profiles. More
flexFlexible Products
Applications include machining and polishing hard materials such as ceramics, hardened steels and chrome based alloys. More
polycrystallinePolycrystalline Products
The product range includes single point and multi point tooling in both diamond and C.B.N. Products are used to overcome the machining problems of highly abrasive materials such as composite materials, aluminium alloys, copper, brass, zinc and ceramics. More
resin bondedResin Bonded Products
A wide range of shapes and sizes suitable in applications for high cutting forces with low grinding forces required in both dry and wet applications. More
dressing toolsDressing Tools
We offer a complete range of natural diamond tooling to suit your application, including single, chisel, cone point, multi point and index dressers. More
wheel prepWheel Preparation
Products and information required to prepare a wheel for grinding. More