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Diamond Dressing Tools

We offer a wide range of Natural Diamond Tooling for the engineering industry to suit your application and including single point, chisel point, cone point, multi-point and index diamond dressers.

single point dressing pointSingle Point Dressers
For straight grinding of conventional grinding wheels. Single Points have the advantage of having more than one usable point which can be reset once a point is blunt. The number of points depends on quality of diamond. Shank can be made to customer’s requirements. More
multipoint dresserMulti-point Dressers
Used for straight dressing of conventional grinding wheels or very simple profiles. Can be supplied in various diamond sizes to suit wheels to be dressed. Often used in place of a Single Point where fast dressing or stock removal is required. A cost effective dresser in production environment where used as a disposable tool. Fine diamonds can be used where high finish or sharp corners are required. More
index dresserIndex Dresser
A cost effective Single or Multi Point Dresser which comprises of a number of individual set diamonds. These can be used one after the other by simply rotating the tool. Can be made to dress straight or profile wheels. More
diaform chiselsDiaform Chisels
Specially selected diamonds are used to produce these tools. Mainly used for precision profiling of grinding wheels, sometimes in conjunction with Blade Dressers which can be used to rough out a form. Can be supplied in various size tip radii and angle, shank size to customers specification. These tools can also be relapped. More
blade dresserBlade Dressers
Can be used for both straight or profiling of grinding wheels. Produced in a number of widths to suit requirements. Can be used to rough profiles before finishing with a Chisel Point Dresser. More

Special Dressers (Other)
Special Dressers can be produced to customer’s specification. Please supply drawing or sample.