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General Statement
This document provides instructions and guidance for vehicular access to all parts of the site and the parking control of any vehicle on the site.

As far as reasonably practicable this will create safe areas for Pedestrians and Drivers by:
  • Minimising the risk of pedestrians being struck by vehicles.
  • Allow for a safe means of access to and egress from the factories to be maintained at all times.
  • Strict controlling of all vehicles whilst on the site.

Arrangements for Securing the Health and Safety of Workers

1. Site Speed Limit set at 5 MPH
2. Signage
  2.1 Speed Limit Signs displayed at site entrance points with repeat signs at appropriate locations,
  2.2 Signs displayed warning of Fork Lift activity.
  2.3 Signs displayed warning of reversing vehicles.
3. Parking only permitted in marked bays.
4. Traffic calming measures i.e. Sleeping Policemen, positioned at Main Site Entrance and Rear of Front Factory.
5. Vehicular/Pedestrian Separation
  5.1 Bollards placed at south-east corner of Front Factory and south-east corner of Rear Factory to provide vehicular/pedestrian separation.
  5.2 Pedestrian walkway provided by eastern side of Front Factory for vehicle/pedestrian separation. Shown by painted yellow line.
  5.3 Pedestrian walkway provided by eastern side of Rear Factory for vehicle/pedestrian separation.
6. Employees exceeding site speed limit will be subject to Company Disciplinary Procedure.
7. Delivery Drivers/Contractors exceeding site speed limits will be reported to their employer.
8. Management will carry out spot checks to ensure site rules are being adhered to.
9. Adequate lighting is provided across the whole site for driving, parking and pedestrians
10. Site Transport Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Issue 001

January 2017