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D.K. Holdings in the press:
June 2019

Diamond Tooling Set to Sparkle

DK Holdings designs and manufactures diamond tooling solutions for some of the world’s most demanding customers in advanced
industry sectors, using composites and glass reinforced plastics in ‘stacked’ material applications. [read more]

March 2016

Clear engineering at its best

DK Holdings is committed to bringing the strength and quality of diamond to every customer. Our tooling is instinctively recognised as tough and dependable.. [read more]

June 2015

Diamond and C.B.N. for Engineering

D.K. Holdings Limited manufactures a wide range of electroplated products in both diamond and C.B.N., for applications requiring high cutting ability and a high degree of grinding performance for simple and complex profiles. [read more]

April 2015

Flooring Refurbishment

To complement its range of diamond floor tooling, D.K. Holdings Ltd has now introduced a new range of 4-step diamond floor pads which produce fantastic results on marble, terrazzo, travertine, slate and vinyl floors, without de-lipping. [read more]

March 2015

Ecobuild Feature

The construction industry is rising to the many challenges imposed upon it by the need to introduce environmentally friendly practices, new materials, fewer pollutants and greater consideration towards a longer life for buildings and a higher degree of insulations.
[read more]

February 2015

Flooring Refurbishment

With over 55 years' experience in the field and an active Research and Development team, the company is ideally placed to offer practical and straightforward solutions to many of the problems inherent with refurbishing tired and lacklustre stone floors. [read more]

Diamonds in the Rough
The vast world of construction is not a field which you would normally associate with diamonds, so it may come as a surprise to learn that there is almost no limit to the range of applications where diamond tooling can support and assist companies, and individuals, involved in this most diverse of industries. [read more]

November 2014

Worldwide Diamond Tooling Solutions

For over fifty years, D.K. Holdings Limited has been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality diamond tooling from its own plant in the U.K., to a wealth of industries on a world-wide basis. We have enjoyed a long-standing association with our customers in the Middle East where we have over twenty years’ exporting experience, and make regular visits to the region. [read more]

May 2014

Diamond is Forever

Most of the tooling D.K. supply into the composites industry is electroplated. Diamond is still generally the best material for cutting and grinding composites. D.K.'s composite products include saw blades, bandsaw blades, holesaws, drills, routers, machinery and grinding wheels. [read more]