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Plastic Wedges

Plastic wedges are used for separating Reinforced Plastic "lay ups" from the mould. These wedges are manufactured to provide an ideal and professional method for demoulding the finished lay up without causing damage to the "gel coat".

Sizes -
175mm x 75mm x 19mm
130mm x 55mm x 13mm
100mm x 38mm x 13mm
215mm x 38mm x 23mm

Rigid - Yellow - used for flat moulds
Flexible - Black - used for curved moulds

Plastic Wedges
Yellow Rigid 100 x 38 x 13mm *STP048
Yellow Rigid 130 x 55 x 13mm *STP050
Yellow Rigid 175 x 75 x 19mm *STP055
Yellow Rigid 215 x 38 x 23mm*STP053
Black Flexible 100 x 38 x 13mm*STP058
Black Flexible 130 x 55 x 13mm*STP060
Black Flexible 175 x 75 x 19mm *STP065
Black Flexible 215 x 38 x 23mm*STP063
Plastic Wedges

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