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Introduction to Composites Grinding

A range of vacuum brazed and electroplated discs and planers for rapid machining GRP, glass reinforced plastics, carbon fibre, plastic composites and similar materials, together with a range of diamond belts and hand pads for smoothing operations.

dia-dry discsDia-Dry Discs
Very good for rapid, continuous grinding for dry or wet use. More
titan dry grind discsTitan Dry Grind Discs
Excellent for rapid stock removal and available in two diameters. More
surface planersSurface Planers
Very useful when machining flat surfaces on blocks or laminates. More
electroflex beltsElectroflex Belts
Belts are available to fit hand and stand machines in various grits to accommodate the application. More
hand padsElectroflex Hand Pads
A range of pads in various grits for smoothing the edges of composite materials. More
dia-met hand padsDia-Met Hand Pads
For rapid hand grinding the edges of composite materials. More