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Tools for Composites Drilling Countersinking & Counterboring

A wide selection of diamond electroplated drills, holesaws, countersink and counberbores are available for drilling, countersinking and counterboring in GRP, FRP, glass reinforced plastics, carbon fibre and most plastic composites. For specialised applications when requiring core ejection capabilities diamond electroplated holesaws are available. Diamond electroplated conterbores and countersinks are manufactured to customer specifications. A number of standard diamond holesaws, diamond twist drills and holesaw accessories are available from stock.

diamond electroplated counterboresCounterbores
Custom made tools to produce counter bores from 10mm to 70mm diameter. More
diamond electroplated twist drillsDiamond Coated Twist Drills
Ideal for producing holes economically. Supplied in medium and coarse grit from 4mm to 9.5mm diameter. More
diamond electroplatedcountersinks and drill countersinksDrill Countersinks
Manufactured to the customer's specifications to accommodate various hole sizes and counter sink angles. More
diamond electroplated core or side ejection holesawSpecial Holesaws
Manufactured according to customer's requirements and can include automatic side ejection or spring operated core ejection, dependent on application. More
standard starrett type fittingholesawsStandard Holesaws
An economy hole saw range with Starrett type fitting available from 14mm to 152mm in diameter. More
starrett holesaw accessoriesStandard Holesaw Accessories
These include arbors, a tungsten carbide pilot drill and ejector spring to fit our standard hole saws with a Starrett type fitting. More