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Composite cutting using Diamond Blades and Saws

Diamond cutting saws and blades are an efficient way to cut GRP, glass reinforced plastics, carbon fibre, plastic composites and glass composites. DK Holdings manufacture these diamond cutting saw blades in a large variation of sizes and diamond grits to suit customers individual requirements although popular sizes can be supplied from our large diamond saw blade stock range.

bandsawsDiamond Bandsaw Blades
Supplied ready welded to your exact length in continuous coated or castellated edge. More
rimsawsContinuous Rim Saws
For use on hand tools or stationary machines. Supplied from 25mm to 700mm diameter in a variety of diamond grades. More
gulleted sawsDiamond Gulleted Saws
Supplied from 100mm to 700mm diameter and are ideal for cool cutting of sheets, pipes and all materials over 20mm thick. More
intergral spindle sawsIntegral Spindle Saws
Used to cut close into a corner and where a boss or locking nut would get in the way. Supplied in either continuous rim or with side spokes. More
jigsawsDiamond Jigsaw Blades
Available to suit a wide range of machines. More
pyramid vanity sawsPyramid Vanity Saws
Very good for heavy duty hand trimming and sawing on GRP mouldings or similar applications. More
side spoke sawsSide Spoke Saws Blades
Supplied from 25mm to 700mm diameter and ideal to saw curves without jamming the saw blade. More