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Tooling range for the Composite Industry

A comprehensive range of tooling from stock or custom made tooling, has been developed to accommodate cutting, grinding, drilling, countersinking, counterboring and routing applications in the GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastics, Carbon Fibre and Plastic Composite industries. Highly concentrated diamonds, rigidly bonded by electroplating, are utilised to give the customer maximum product performance when cutting tools for GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastics, Carbon Fibre and Plastic Composite are required. These diamond bonded products are manufactured in the UK by DK Holdings in the form of tools such as saw blades, routers, burrs, bandsaws, holesaws, countersinks, counterbores, twist drills, surface planers and backface cutters. Our technical team are available to assist and advise the customer when required in obtaining optimum operating conditions and to discuss special tool requirements.

We also offer a electroplated diamond strip and replate service which includes the re-machining of the blank if necessary to bring the product back to original specification.

The product range includes all types of diamond saw blades, dependent on your application, and range from 25mm to 700mm diameter. More
A wide range of electroplated diamond products are available to drill, drill and countersink and counter bore holes of all sizes. More
Electroplated diamond routers used for drilling, piercing, rebating and trimming GRP composite materials to accommodate every need. More
Grinding electroplated diamond discs, surface planers, diamond flexible belts and diamond flexible hand pads are used for stock removal, rapid hand grinding and smoothing operations. More
specialsSpecials & Pipe Grinding Wheels
Specialists in the design and manufacture of custom made diamond electroplated tools for many applications in various industries, including wind turbine, ship building, aerospace and GRP/FRP pipe manufacture. Diamond electroplated strip and replating service available to refurbish products back to the original specification. More
handmachinesHand Machines
Pneumatic machines together with attachments to accommodate our diamond range, for trimming, sawing, routing and rebating. More
Oil mist lubricators to ensure correct care and long life of our machines. Plastic wedges to separate ‘lay ups’ from the moulds. More